Building Disposable Surgical Robots [PDF]
Peter K. Allen | Computer Science
Understanding How Flies’ Brains Identify Odors [PDF]
Aurel A. Lazar | Electrical Engineering
Finding the Mechanisms of Psychiatric Disorders [PDF]
Dimitris Anastassiou | Electrical Engineering
Developing an Artificial Kidney [PDF]
Edward F. Leonard | Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering
Trying to Grow Strong Cartilage [PDF]
Gerard A. Ateshian
Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering
Seeing Proteins at Work [PDF]
Jung-Chi Liao | Mechanical Engineering
Sharpening Images Through Mathematics [PDF]
Guillaume Bal | Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Monitoring Glucose Without Pinpricks [PDF]
Qiao Lin | Mechanical Engineering
Delivering Drugs Faster [PDF]
Scott A. Banta |
Chemical Engineering
Repairing Torn Ligaments [PDF]
Helen H. Lu |
Biomedical Engineering
Employing Electromagnetics to Treat Malaria [PDF]
Paul Diament | Electrical Engineering
Preventing Traumatic Brain Injury [PDF]
Barclay Morrison III | Biomedical Engineering
Predicting Bone Strength, Preventing Osteoporosis [PDF]
X. Edward Guo |
Biomedical Engineering
Reconstructing Cartilage [PDF]
Van C. Mow |
Biomedical Engineering
Building Tiny, Muscle-Like Engines [PDF]
Henry Hess |
Biomedical Engineering
Investigating the Mechanical Behavior of Soft Tissues [PDF]
Kristin Myers | Mechanical Engineering
Imaging Diseases in New Light [PDF]
Andreas H. Hielscher |
Biomedical Engineering
Using Physics and Engineering to Understand Biological Phenomena [PDF]
Vanessa Ortiz | Chemical Engineering
Unlocking the Brain’s Secrets [PDF]
Elizabeth M. C. Hillman |
Biomedical Engineering
Figuring Out How Viruses Invade Cells [PDF]
Ben O’Shaughnessy | Chemical Engineering
Reprogramming Cells to Boost Immunity [PDF]
James C. Hone |
Mechanical Engineering
Discovering Origins of Diabetes [PDF]
Itsik Pe’er | Computer Science
Understanding How Heart Cells Work [PDF]
Hayden Huang |
Biomedical Engineering
Capturing the “Aha!” Moment [PDF]
Paul Sajda |
Biomedical Engineering
Cushioning the Blow of Joint Pain [PDF]
Clark T. Hung |
Biomedical Engineering
Integrating Biology in a Chip [PDF]
Kenneth L. Shepard | Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering
Combating Bone Loss [PDF]
Christopher R. Jacobs |
Biomedical Engineering
Streamlining Blood Testing [PDF]
Samuel K. Sia | Biomedical Engineering
Creating Personalized DNA Chips for Everybody [PDF]
Jingyue Ju |
Chemical Engineering
Strategies for a Smarter Health Care System [PDF]
Van-Anh Truong | Industrial
Engineering and Operations Research
Engineering the Body’s Defenses [PDF]
Lance C. Kam |
Biomedical Engineering
Fixing Bones and Hearts [PDF]
Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic | Biomedical Engineering
Delivering Drugs to the Right Place [PDF]
Jeffrey T. Koberstein | Chemical Engineering
“Turning Off” Cancer Genes [PDF]
Chris H.  Wiggins | Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Treating Tumors Without Radiation [PDF]
Elisa E. Konofagou | Biomedical Engineering
Detecting “Dirty Bomb” Radiation [PDF]
Y. Lawrence Yao | Mechanical Engineering
Analyzing 3-D Video Ultrasound of the Heart [PDF]
Andrew F. Laine | Biomedical Engineering
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