Harish Krishnaswamy, assistant professor of electrical engineering, has received a 2014 IBM Faculty Award.

Steve WaiChing Sun | Predicting Faulting, Landslides, & Soil Liquefaction

Steve WaiChing Sun, assistant professor of civil engineering and engineering mechanics, is improving predictions of large-scale field problems with insight from small-scale observations and simulations.

Tony Jebara | Data Science: Creating Intelligent Machines

Specializing in the science of machine learning, Jebara studies the fundamental principles of learning, combines statistics and computer science, and develops algorithms that inform the programming that allows computers to learn rules from data, adapt to changes, and improve performance with experience.

Ferrari Makes a Pit Stop at Columbia

Representatives from Columbia Engineering, the Santander Group, and Ferrari gathered on campus to discuss support for a Ferrari student internship and research opportunities at the Engineering School.

Patricia J. Culligan | Urban Infrastructure: City Green, Coastal Green

Culligan’s fascination with green roof technology combines her experience in civil engineering and soil mechanics with her desire to solve the challenges associated with dense urban environments.

Reconnecting at Reunion 2014

Nearly 400 Columbia Engineering alumni returned to Morningside Heights to celebrate Alumni Reunion Weekend, held May 29 to June 1.

Open House Showcases Robotics for Rehabilitation

Sunil Agrawal is melding robots and humans, all in an effort to rehabilitate various patient groups like stroke victims and assist those with debilitating motor functions.

Simon Billinge | Nanoscience: Studying the Tiniest of Details

Explore Professor Simon Billinge's world of nanoparticles in this Columbia Engineering magazine feature.

Roxana Geambasu Named Microsoft Research Faculty Fellow

Geambasu was selected for her groundbreaking work to fight what she describes as “aggressive data collection” in this growing age of mobile and cloud computing.

Columbia Engineering Team Finds Thousands of Secret Keys in Android Apps

Professor Jason Nieh and PhD candidate Nicolas Viennot report that they have discovered a crucial security problem in Google Play, the official Android app store.

Columbia Engineering Stars at Sigmetrics 2014

A number of professors and graduate students at the Engineering School are presenting papers at this year’s ACM SIGMETRICS 2014.

James Hone Wins Great Teacher Award

The Society of Columbia Graduates has selected James Hone, professor of mechanical engineering, as one of this year's two recipients.

Columbia Engineers Provide New Insight into How the Brain Regulates Its Blood Flow

Understanding how and why the brain regulates its blood flow could provide important clues to understanding early brain development, disease, and aging.

Igniting SEAS Startups

The cFUND Ignition Grants is the School’s latest program to provide financial grants for its growing and vibrant entrepreneurial community.
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