Northrop Grumman Tests Prof. Krishnaswamy’s World Record CMOS mmWave Power Amplifier

Assistant Professor Harish Krishnaswamy has recently generated a record amount of power output—by a factor of five—using silicon-based nanoscale CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) technology for millimeter-wave power amplifiers. Now Krishnaswamy’s group is working with Northrop Grumman to transition their millimeter-wave power amplifiers to the major aerospace and defense technology company to see it used under real-life conditions.

Prof. Hoe Ling Receives IGS Award

The award, given every four years to researchers who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of geosynthetics, is the highest honor given by the International Geosynthetics Society.

Professor Christine Hendon Wins NIH New Innovator Award

The prestigious award was established in 2007 for young investigators to conduct exceptionally innovative research.

Columbia Design Challenge: Confronting the Ebola Crisis

The Columbia community is invited to participate in an interdisciplinary challenge to design low-cost, technology-driven solutions, including both software and hardware, to address the Ebola crisis.

Prof. Vunjak-Novakovic Wins $6.3M NIH Grant to Design Tissue Chip to Evaluate Drugs

Vunjak-Novakovic's team is developing an integrated heart-liver-vascular model system that mimics the function of the human body and can be used to evaluate therapeutic drugs.

How Things Coil

A team of researchers led by Prof. Eitan Grinspun is using simulation technology designed for Hollywood as a predictive tool for understanding fundamental engineering problems.

Professor Roxana Geambasu Scores a Brilliant 10

Geambasu has been named one of Popular Science’s Brilliant Ten, the magazine’s 13th annual list of the “brightest young minds in science and engineering.”

David Blei | Embracing the Science of Teaching Topics to Machines

Professor Blei's research focuses on topic modeling, a mathematical approach to uncovering the hidden themes in collections of documents.

HYPOTHEkids See the Light!

Twenty-five NYC high school students were introduced this summer to engineering design and entrepreneurship through the new six-week program.


Assistant Professor Ioannis Kougioumtzoglou has been awarded the 2014 Junior Research Prize by the European Association of Structural Dynamics.

NYC ASCENT Supports Emerging Engineers and Computer Scientists

Many of New York City’s most promising engineering postdocs joined leading representatives from academia and industry for the launch of NYC ASCENT, a new consortium from Columbia, Cornell, CUNY, and NYU connecting emerging engineers and computer scientists with established colleagues and mentors.

Faculty Welcome Reception

As an official kick-off to the new academic year, Dean Mary C. Boyce hosted a welcome reception for faculty Sept. 8 in Carleton Lounge.

Mapping the DNA Sequence of Ashkenazi Jews

A team of researchers has created a data resource that will improve genomic research in the Ashkenazi Jewish population and lead to more effective personalized medicine.

All Smiles at New Student Welcome

Marking the official start to the academic year, the Academic Assembly served as an official welcome to the new class of incoming freshmen, and an introduction to their exciting year ahead.

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