Professor Keromytis Named ACM Distinguished Scientist

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) has named Computer Science Associate Professor Angelos Keromytis a Distinguished Scientist.

“It’s a gratifying recognition of my work and my record by external peers,” says Keromytis, who is also the director of Columbia’s Network Security Lab.

He is an expert in systems security, network security, and cryptography. Currently, Keromytis is working on software hardening, system self-healing, network denial of service, information accountability, and privacy.

Most security systems are designed to keep bad guys out, and can do little once they are inside, Keromytis explained in a 2011 profile on his research. “We want the computer to recognize an attack, see what happens, and come up with a way to modify the system so that it blocks the attack,” he said.

Initiated in 2006, ACM’s Distinguished Member Recognition Program recognizes those members with at least 15 years of professional experience who have made significant accomplishments or achieved a significant impact on the computing field. Recipients of this honor include computer scientists and engineers from leading corporations, research labs, and universities who made significant advances in technology that are having lasting impacts on the lives of people across the globe.

–by Jeff Ballinger

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