Lambrech Named As New Director Of Global Initiatives

Regine LambrechAs part of SEAS’s long-range plan to become a global engineering school, the School has taken a first step by hiring Régine Lambrech to the newly-created position of director of global initiatives and education. Lambrech, who holds a PhD in French literature, was head of international relations at Ecole Centrale de Lyon, a French engineering university, for more than 15 years before returning to the U.S. to take a position as director of international education at Quinnipiac University.

“We are very pleased that Régine has joined Columbia SEAS,” said Gerald A. Navratil, Interim Dean. “Her experience with education at the international level will be invaluable to us as she develops and manages a new global initiatives program. Her familiarity with engineering, its academic requirements, and the scope of faculty research, are a great advantage.”

For many years, the School has had informal connections with other global institutions, primarily through its faculty. These faculty associations, formed on a personal level, have resulted in many successful collaborations with institutions in more than 20 countries. The School now will be able to formalize those programs and partnerships and foster new ones.

“My first step is understanding and evaluating the international connections we have now,” she said, “and determining priorities for approaching international institutions of the highest caliber to initiate collaborations.”

Lambrech has begun that work, targeting six institutions, from Europe to Asia. She is working with SEAS faculty to establish course equivalence tables so that it will be much easier for SEAS students to determine which courses taken at partner institutions can be transferred to Columbia.

Lambrech also will work with current University programs at the international level, coordinate efforts to encourage exchange programs for SEAS students, foster international faculty research, and create new international partnerships. She will be the primary coordinator for international student exchange programs and will be a resource for departments seeking to create new international departmental programs. She also looks forward to creating international content pages on the SEAS Web site.