New Archimedes Society Honors Lifetime Giving

Armen A. Avanessians ’83 MS, University Trustee and chair of the School’s capital campaign, speaks to the audience alongside SEAS Interim Dean Gerald A. Navratil at right.
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Archimedes had his lever to move the earth while The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science has the members of The Archimedes Society  to move the School forward. Interim Dean Gerald A. Navratil noted that the significant financial support provided by the members of The Archimedes Society for Lifetime Giving has underwritten complete renewals of departments, provided professorships, fellowships, and scholarships, and provides an example for all alumni who love the School.

A celebratory dance party to launch The Archimedes Society was held at the W Hotel in midtown Manhattan in December, hosted by Armen A. Avanessians ’83 MS, University Trustee and chair of the School’s capital campaign.  Avanessians, in photo left, welcomed nearly 300 Society members, faculty, alumni and students who attended the gala event. The Archimedes Society was formed to recognize lifetiming giving to the School of $50,000 or greater. There are more than 180 inaugural members, many of whom were in attendance. 

During a short interlude in the festivities, Dean Navratil led the audience in a toast to the Society’s members, present and future. Archimedes Society member Stanley Dicker ’61 Eng ScD, who has endowed a professorship and two scholarships for undergraduates, spoke about the importance of philanthropy that serves as a foundation for supporting the future growth of the School. He noted that, as a graduate student, the School provided him with financial support while he worked on his doctoral degree and that, in gratitude, he has chosen to significantly support some of the School’s most critical needs.