Teri Sgammato

’84, P’16, ’17, ’18, ’24; CHAIRMAN & CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, ES3

Teri Sgammato is the founder, majority shareholder, Board Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of ES3, a privately held aerospace company specializing in design, development, certification, and production of safety-of-flight landing gear components and subsystems. ES3 is headquartered in San Diego, California and has over 200,000 square feet of development, test, production, and overhaul facilities located in Clearfield, Utah and Warner-Robins, Georgia. ES3's early research into corrosion and deformation led to development and flight certification of advanced plasma-sprayed, electroplated, and magnetron-sputtered coatings which ES3 now provides to a variety of aerospace customers and other heavy industries. These advanced coatings significantly extend the life of structural components while offering environmentally preferred alternatives to such highly toxic traditional processes as hard chrome and cadmium plate.

Prior to founding ES3 in 2000, Teri worked in the Southern California aerospace industry for 16 years as a thermal analyst, fluid dynamicist, and project manager. Teri earned a BS in mechanical engineering from SEAS in 1984 and an MS in engineering physics from the University of California San Diego. Teri is also on the Board of the university-wide Columbia Alumni Association and a member of the SEAS Engineering Development Council (EDC).