Columbia Center of Artificial Intelligence Technology in collaboration with Amazon

The mission of the Center is to better society through the development and adoption of advanced AI technology contributing to a more secure, connected, creative, sustainable, healthy and equitable humanity.


For general or specific inquires, contact:
Eric Vieira, PhD
Interim Program Manager
Columbia Center of AI Technology, in collaboration with Amazon
Director, Strategic Collaborations
Columbia’s School of Engineering and Applied Science

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Advancing the state of the art in AI is one of the top priorities for industry, academia, and government. AI has also emerged as a foundational area crosscutting every thematic dimension of our engineering endeavor - sustainability, health, security, communication, and creativity. Columbia’s School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS), guided by its Engineering for Humanity vision, has been at the forefront of leading advancements in AI. More than 70 faculty members encompassing every department in SEAS are collaborating with many partners across the university and beyond to engineer important breakthroughs.

Amazon has made significant investments in the area of AI, developing cutting-edge technologies to address the opportunities and challenges across a broad spectrum of applications and customer needs. Amazon and Columbia have had productive collaborations through successful research awards and the participation of several Columbia faculty members in the Amazon Scholars program. With the launch of the Center of AI Technology, Columbia and Amazon further aim to advance research and technology development, knowledge discovery, and talent training to achieve beneficial societal impact. This partnership will also benefit from and contribute to the vibrant and rapidly expanding AI tech ecosystem in New York City.