Disability Services

We are committed to making Columbia accessible for all of our faculty, students, staff, and visitors. Over the past several years, we have led efforts to enable enhanced classroom access to address both mobility and hearing-impaired disabilities, as well as other accessibility issues.


We partner with the Office of Disability Services to ensure an equitable and inclusive environment for all students. Students may register with Disability Services prior to arriving on campus. Examples of Academic Accommodations include extended time, reduced capacity testing environments, note-taking services, and permission to audio record lectures. Physical Accommodations such as transport to and from events as well as ergonomic equipment are also available.

The Columbia Video Network (CVN) team works closely with the Office of Disability Services to provide accommodations during exams, as well as proctoring software and closed captions that comply with accessibility standards. For more information, please reach out to [email protected].


Over the past 6 years, we have completed approximately 50 capital projects and more than 200 refresher projects. As we upgrade facilities, our goal is to improve accessibility and meet ADA compliance wherever possible,while working within the constraints of existing buildings and other limitations. We work with design architects and the Office of Columbia University Office of Compliance to ensure we meet compliance requirements.

Recent projects include Davis Auditorium, the new Makerspace, the Computer Science Lecture Hall, and classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, common areas, administrative spaces in all of engineering’s main buildings, as well as restrooms in the Mudd Building and recording studios.

Considerations include proper clearances at space entrances for wheelchair access and maneuvering, ADA compliant chemical fume hoods, ADA compliant sinks, numerous automated doors and also proper access, seating layout and listening impaired devices.

The Morningside campus accessibility map can be found at Columbia Disability Access Map.