Graduate Students and Prospective Students

We attract undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral researchers from all backgrounds and support their educational goals through mentoring, advising, fellowships, and programming.

Current Graduate Students

Resources & Support


  • Columbia's Program for Diversity and Inclusion in Commercialization and Entrepreneurship (DICE): Open to graduate students and postdocs who identify as being from traditionally underrepresented groups in life science entrepreneurship and commercialization. DICE will provide eligible Columbia graduate students and postdocs with educational programming, mentorship, networking, and funding opportunities to prepare participants for careers in bringing life science innovation to market.

Prospective Graduate Students

  • EngAGE (Engineering Achievers in Graduate Education)


  • Electrical Engineering:
  • In-person pre-application orientation day to guide applicants to PhD programs through application process
  • Online webinar for applicants

Postdoctoral Students


If you have questions, feedback, suggestions, or want to get involved with diversity initiatives at Columbia Engineering, send us an email at [email protected].