Jacob Rosenfeld

Jacob Rosenfeld is a graduate of School for Advanced Studies in Miami Beach, Florida. At Columbia Engineering he plans to major in Chemical Engineering and pursue a pre-med track.

During his Junior year of High School, Jacob was named a Sunshine State Scholar being recognized as one of the top STEM students in the state due to his advanced academic standing and achievement of excellence in mathematics and science. Following his junior year, Jacob attended the University of Florida’s Student Science Training Program (UF SSTP) for 7 weeks in the Diabetes Tissue Engineering Laboratory under Dr. Cherie Stabler in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. His research was focused to develop a bio-compatible synthetic polymer-based scaffold to support the proliferation and effectiveness of allogenic pancreatic islets post-transplantation by inhibiting immunogenicity and developing a favorable micro-environment. Jacob personally investigated a scaffold model that would increase pre-transplantation islet retention within the structure to decrease cell mortality and localize the islets to foster a controlled microenvironment. He subsequently authored a 22-page research paper titled “3D-Printed Scaffold Design to Increase Allogenic Pancreatic Islet Proliferation, Vascularization, and Survivability Using Variable Geometric Patterning and Drug Composition.”

Throughout high school, Jacob has displayed a continued dedication to the STEM field through his initiation of a Science Club, being president of the Engineering Club, and serving on the leadership board of the Mu Alpha Theta Honors Society. Specifically, Jacob with his Engineering Club members built a 3D printer exploring wide ranges of applications. Additionally, Jacob earned the designation of National Advanced Placement (AP) Scholar from the College Board.

Apart from his STEM related aspirations, Jacob is extremely active within his community by fulfilling his responsibility of repairing the world – or tikkun olam. Jacob created a non-profit organization called Math UP in order to assist local youth with mathematics proficiency and STEM encouragement. Thus, Jacob was recognized as a Silver Knight nominee within his community in accordance with having conducted 2000 + hours of community service from working with the City of Miami Beach Parks and Recreation Department and personal projects. Annually, Jacob holds the event “Play, Learn, Imagine, and Create” with the Kids In Distress organization providing enrichment activities for disadvantaged children in foster care. Furthermore, Jacob served as part of the Youth Commission for the City of Miami Beach to voice youth-related concerns and enact change within his community.

In his free time, Jacob enjoys delving into a variety of different crafts from blacksmithing to bookbinding, reading, cooking, and exercising. Jacob seeks to continue his mission to serve humanity at Columbia by continuing his research prowess and utilizing his engineering education.