Shangzhou Xia

Shangzhou Xia is a junior from Shenzhen, China. He graduated from Shenzhen Middle School and is majoring in Operations Research.

During the summer of 2016, he stayed on campus and worked as a research assistant under Prof. Yuan Yang at Materials Science, Columbia Engineering. His research project investigates the thermal conductivities of carbon anodes in lithium-ion batteries, along with many other materials. The research was conducted based on a steady-state method and obtained results that he hopes would be utilized to minimize heat losses and dangers such as exploding in lithium-ion batteries, and thus to increase energy transfer efficiency. Last summer he researched on algorithms of maximum network flows under Prof Clifford Stein of the Data Science Institute.

He attended the Research Science Institute in summer 2014, and worked on 3D visualization of carbon nano-structures under the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT. He also participated in the reformation of the Student Club Union and Student Council of his high school.

At Shenzhen Middle School, he was the captain and teaching assistant of the school Physics Olympiad team for five years and won a silver medal in the national final round, thus receiving Peking University’s pre-admission offer. He also founded and chaired the Scientific Association of his high school where he held the Scientific Forum and organized several school teams for Physics Bowl, PUMaC, and HMMT.

He enjoys practicing Chinese calligraphy and playing badminton with friends. He’s also a huge fan of cooking! Find Shangzhou Xia on LinkedIn.