Reimagining Robotics

From retraining patients with spinal cord injuries to facilitating new frontiers in remote work, our research focuses on how robots can assist humans, enhance lives, and exploring the possibility of building machines that are conscious and creative.

A Glimmer of Empathy

Columbia engineers have created a robot that learns to visually predict how its partner robot will behave—a first glimmer of AI empathy could eventually lead to robots endowed with “Theory of Mind.”
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A New Therapeutic Approach

The first robotic exoskeleton to compensate for spinal deformities, a cane that “walks” autonomously alongside users—Prof. Sunil Agrawal dreams up novel devices that literally get people back on their feet.
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The Future of Work

A new project funded by the National Sciences Foundation aims to develop an adaptable and scalable robot teleoperation system that would enable workers across sectors to perform physical tasks remotely.
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The Magic Touch

Columbia engineers devise a new type of robotic finger with an extraordinarily fine sense of touch.
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