Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship at Columbia Engineering

Columbia Engineering plays a pivotal role in one of the world’s largest entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Located in New York City, we are embedded in a local technology startup sector which now outpaces Silicon Valley in venture capital growth, with the School situated right in the heart of a dramatically expanding tech footprint in Manhattan.

As such, Columbia Engineering is not only a source of innovation but also serves as a catalyst for local entrepreneurs through expert mentorship, access to critical infrastructure and unique research and development resources, including exceptional talent and state-of-the-art facilities.

In November 2021, the Columbia Startup Fellows (CSF) program was announced. The program will allow early-stage startups to conduct product-oriented research and development using specialized equipment and facilities in Columbia labs, accelerating innovation in critical areas such as climate, energy, infrastructure, and materials. Read more here.

Sensing a New Market

Startup founders out of Lipson photonics lab receive $15.4 million investment to make machine sensing tech smaller and cheaper More
Mar 14 2022 | By Kyle Barr

Rise of the Academic Entrepreneur

Licensing and optioning of IP coming out of Columbia Engineering jumped dramatically over the past decade. Here are 8 cutting-edge tech and medical projects More
Dec 16 2021 | By Kyle Barr

Company spotlights

At Columbia Engineering, we help entrepreneurs think critically about what it means to make technology for humans and their environment. Guided by our dedication to social entrepreneurship and human-centered innovation, our student, faculty, and alumni entrepreneurs pursue workable solutions for the right problems.

Featured student startup

Founded by Columbia Engineering students Teresa Cauvel, Rebecca Peyser, and Sona Shah, Neopenda provides a low-cost, low-power, and low-maintenance method for monitoring babies’ vital signs in the developing world.

Read more about Neopenda here.

Featured faculty startup

Co-founded by Alissa Park, chair of the department of earth and environmental engineering at Columbia Engineering, Greenore provides greenhouse gas reduction and solid waste treatment solutions for steel, power, and coal chemical plants.

Read more about Greenore here.

Featured alumni startup

Epibone, launched by Columbia Engineering alumni Nina Tandon and Sarindr “Ik” Bhumiratana, has developed a bioreactor capable of growing personalized human bone grafts. 

Read more about Epibone here.

Designing a Better World

Find out how Prof. Harry West teaches student entrepreneurs a human-centered approach to design.