Ferrari Makes a Pit Stop at Columbia

Jul 03 2014 | Photo: Eileen Barroso

Two cherry red Ferraris stopped traffic on College Walk as part of a special event with the University, Columbia Engineering, Santander Universities, the Santander Group, and the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer. Representatives from the institutions and Ferrari gathered on campus to discuss support for a Ferrari student internship and research opportunities at the Engineering School. Santander Universities already is a supporter of doctoral fellowships at Columbia Business School and programming at Columbia’s Global Centers in Nairobi and Rio.

After a roundtable discussion held in Low Library with Columbia Engineering Dean Mary C. Boyce, University Provost John Coatsworth, Ferrari engineer Pat Fry, and executive leaders at Santander, guests, including members of the School’s chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers, convened on College Walk to get a close look at the Ferraris on display as well as the racecar built by a team of Engineering students. Sports car buffs also got the chance to meet and take photos with Formula One driver, Fernando Alonso, who is sponsored by Santander, races for Ferrari, and in 2003, at the age of 22, became the youngest driver to win a Grand Prix.