Non-Degree Programs

If you want to prepare for graduate school, professional certification, stay current on developments in your field, or just satisfy your intellectual curiosity about a subject, Columbia Engineering offers the option to take individual graduate courses for enrichment.

Take Classes on Your Schedule

Many graduate courses are offered in the late afternoons or evenings, making them convenient with a professional business schedule. In addition, many other courses are offered online through the Columbia Video Network. 

Get the Full Student Experience

When you enroll under student status, you will be able to take graduate classes for enrichment and enjoy the full Columbia Engineering student experience. You will work on the same assignments, participate in the same interactive learning environment with classmates, and receive grades for your work without the need to commit to a full degree program. Classwork may be considered toward a degree if you later enroll in the graduate degree program. 

Build Your Professional Expertise

Columbia Engineering offers rigorous courses that will help you enhance your skillset, and set you apart as a competitive member of the workforce. Our faculty are world renowned leaders in their fields, and bring an unmatched expertise to the courses they teach. 


Our online professional certificate programs are offered by Columbia VIdeo Network (CVN), the online department of Columbia Engineering, and provide working professionals all around the globe with access to our world-renowned faculty, lectures, and exams.


Enrollment for the One-Term Nondegree program will take place during the first week of the semester. Students may obtain the application from the Office of Graduate Student Affairs, located in 1220 Mudd. For submission, course instructors' approval is required. For more information, please contact us at [email protected].