Connected Humanity

Information has been a critical driver of progress throughout human history. Today, technology is enabling an exponential increase in our connectivity with one another, with devices, and with our external environment. At the same time, we are witnessing an explosion in data related to all areas of human life, from our immune system and the structure of the universe to energy usage in our homes and workplaces, and even our social and emotional lives as played out in social media. Harvesting this data to improve the human experience, while securing privacy and cybersecurity, will require progress in many areas, including developing new sensors and methodologies to collect data, new devices to improve connectivity with one another and the world, and new algorithms to extract and verify insights from this wealth of information.

Connected Humanity

Always on Call

Columbia engineers develop a wake-up receiver can run for decades on the energy found in a few grains of sugar More
Apr 05 2019 | By Jesse Adams | Photo Credit: Jesse Adams

Faculty Tech Talk: Debugging Bias

Three esteemed computer scientists and engineers joined Dean Boyce and a crowd of students for a faculty tech talk on how artificial intelligence can help More
Mar 14 2019 | By Jesse Adams | Chang and Hirschberg Photo Credit: Jeffrey Schifman | McKeown photo courtesy of Kathy McKeown

Shipra Agrawal Wins NSF CAREER Award

She will develop new learning frameworks and algorithms to account for consumer behavior in product pricing and recommendation. More
Mar 04 2019 | By Joanne Hvala | Photo Credit: Timothy Lee Photographers
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