Ajit Agrawal

Adjunct Associate Professor


Ajit is the founder of AKAnomics Inc, a startup focusing on data-driven Nowcasting of companies, sectors, and economies (www.AKAnomics.com). Ajit brings deep expertise in applying traditional and non-traditional sources of information to stock and macro research. Ajit was a Strategist in UBS’s Global Research division (2015-2022), and used big-data to monitor the US, China, and global economies, as well as companies in the industrial and chemical sectors. While at Morgan Stanley (2004-2015), he launched and ran AlphaWise, an evidence-driven global research team, and was also part of the US Economics Research team. Prior to Morgan Stanley, Ajit was with McKinsey & Company, and several startups in the Boston area. He got his PhD in Computer Science from Brown University in 1991, with research focused in the areas of combinatorial optimization.