Alumni Benefits & Offerings

Graduates of Columbia Engineering enjoy the full benefits of other members of the Columbia University alumni community in addition to a few benefits specific to Engineers.

Alumni Associations

Columbia Engineering Alumni Association (CEAA)

The Columbia Engineering Alumni Association (CEAA) is an independent association that exists to foster and deepen the bonds of fellowship between Columbia Engineering alumni, faculty, and students worldwide. It awards scholarships, provides mentoring and professional guidance to students, promotes excellence in teaching, recognizes distinguished alumni, students, and faculty, and sponsors a wide range of social and professional events throughout the year. Every graduate of the School is automatically a member, and there are no dues or membership fees! Learn more at

Columbia Engineering Young Alumni (CEYA)

Columbia Engineering Young Alumni (CEYA) programming aims to strengthen the community of recent graduates and aid in the transition from students to alumni, promote interactions with alumni and current students, encourage interaction between all Columbia University young alumni, increase communications between the School and its alumni population, and increase participation in Engineering School events. 

Columbia Alumni Association (CAA)

The Columbia Alumni Association (CAA) is a global network connecting Columbians of all Schools to one another and to the intellectual and social fabric of Columbia. It links 365,000 alumni through more than 100 Regional Clubs and Shared Interest Groups, online resources, and over 200 thought-provoking programs around the world. View University-wide benefits, clubs, and resources.

Columbia Engineering Resources

Columbia Engineering Magazine

Columbia Engineering Magazine is the official publication of The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science. Alumni receive free copies of each issue, which covers news about the school, a message from the dean, alumni class and program notes, ground-breaking research updates, and much, much more.

Makerspace @ Columbia

The Makerspace @ Columbia is a Columbia University run workshop. It provides a wide variety of tools for students, artists, makers, creatives, programmers, scientists, and engineers to use, and provides a space in which they can work, share ideas, and collaborate. Any active student, faculty, or staff of Columbia University can join the Makerspace, as well as any alumni with a valid CU ID card.