Jennifer Yu Cheng


Jennifer is passionate about education and has been committed to promoting educational development for more than a decade. She is the Deputy Vice Chairwoman and Group President of CTF Education Group, and is responsible for the group’s strategy.

Jennifer is also Founder of the Jennifer Yu Cheng Girls Impact Foundation, a charitable initiative focused on educating, inspiring and ultimately empowering teenage girls in Asia to become future ready leaders – proactive, and digitally savvy decision makers who make a positive, lasting impact everywhere they go.

Jennifer is co-founder of ARCH Education and ARCH Community Outreach; Supervisor of Victoria Educational Organisation’s (VEO) kindergartens, School Manager of Delia School of Canada, School Manager of Delia Memorial Schools and Board Member of Wycombe Abbey Hong Kong. Jennifer also serves as a member of the Court of the University of Hong Kong, is Vice President of UNESCO Hong Kong Association, Co-Chair of the Hong Kong Choate Club, Honorary Advisor of School Board of Continuing Education of the Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association, Member of Victoria Shanghai Academy's Academic Planning and Development Committee, Asia Pacific Leadership Council Member of The Nature Conservancy and Ambassador to Love Foundation.

Jennifer graduated magna cum laude from Columbia University with a degree in Industrial Engineering Operations Research and a minor in Economics. Prior to her career in education, she was an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs in the Fixed Income Currency and Commodities division.

In 2019, Jennifer was awarded the Women of Hope Award in the Children’s Advocate category by the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation, a recognition of her contributions and achievement in the field of education and child development.