Holly Helstrom


Professor Holly Helstrom uses her expertise and background in strategic communication and visual design to help her students develop the communication, design, and networking skills they need to excel as professionals.

Holly is a crisis management advisor and communication strategist at Logos Consulting Group where she advises clients on how to apply the art and science of effective communication to protect or enhance their reputations as well as the trust of those who matter to them when it is at risk. She has worked with clients across a wide range of industries including but not limited to finance, healthcare, consumer goods, religious institutions as well as institutions of higher education.

In addition, Holly is a research fellow at the Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership where her research areas of interest include social media and reputation management, the intersection of business and sociopolitical issues, and trends in gender and leadership. Holly also manages the Institute’s publishing imprint where she uses her skilled command of language and love of storytelling to help aspiring authors turn their best ideas into published works. She is the editor of Five Frequencies: Leadership Signals that Turn Culture into Competitive Advantage with two more book projects in the 2020 pipeline.

Holly graduated from New York University with her bachelor’s degree in art history. With New York being home to some of the world’s best art museums, Holly had the privilege of studying some of the world’s most prized artistic works in-person; she also interned in the public relations department for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.