Portrait of Prof. Salvatore Stolfo  

Salvatore J. Stolfo


606  CEPSR 
Mail Code 0401

Tel(212) 939-7080
Fax(212) 666-0140

Research Interests

Computer security, machine learning applied to intrusion detection, insider threat and advanced persistent threat mitigation, security of embedded devices, active defense, behavioral analytics, deception, authentication, and Internet privacy.

Stolfo is regarded as creating the area of machine learning applied to intrusion detection and has created several anomaly-detection algorithms and systems addressing some of the hardest problems in securing computer systems. Of particular note is his interest in detecting zero-day attacks and credential theft. Stolfo is also co-inventor of a novel technology that automatically injects intrusion detection functionality into arbitrary special-purpose embedded devices. Stolfo has been granted over 60 patents.

Stolfo received a BS in Computational Information Sciences from Brooklyn College, CUNY, in 1975 and a PhD in Computer Science from Courant Institute, New York University, in 1979. 


  • Professor of computer science, Columbia University, 1997-
  • Chair of computer science, Columbia University, 1986-1987
  • Tenured associate professor of computer science, Columbia University, 1987-1997
  • Associate professor of computer science, Columbia University, 1984-1987
  • Assistant professor of computer science, Columbia University, 1979–1984


  • Popular Science Award of “What Best of what’s new”, 2016.
  • IBM Faculty Career Development Award
  • Numerous best paper awards and IEEE Security & Privacy “most influential” paper. 


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