Yuri Faenza


334 S.W. Mudd

Tel(212) 854-4703

Yuri Faenza works on the theory and applications of Optimization. He is primarily interested in the interplay of mathematical programming and computer science, in order to construct and solve mathematical models that support decision making.

Research Interests

Mathematical Programming, Combinatorial Optimization, Polyhedral Combinatronics
In particular, Faenza’s research focuses on Discrete Optimization, including Integer Programming and extensions (for instance, knapsack problems), combinatorial optimization (for instance, matching problems), and polyhedral combinatorics (for instance, extended formulations), and their application to real-world problems such as two-sided markets and multi-period investments planning, among others. 
Faenza received a BSc in management science and engineering, summa cum laude, in 2004 and an MSc in mathematical engineering, summa cum laude, in 2006 from the Università di Roma Tor Vergata, Italy. He received a PhD in operations research from the Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, in 2010. He was a Swiss National Science Foundation Ambizione Fellow at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland, 2015–2016, and has been a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Brussels, Belgium, 2014; at EPFL, Switzerland, 2012–2014; and at the University of Padua, Italy, 2010–2012. 


  • Visiting Researcher, Online and matching-based Markets, Simons Institute, UC Berkeley, 2019
  • Visiting Researcher, HIM, Germany, 2015
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Mathematics, ULB, Belgium, 2014
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, DISOPT group, EPFL, Switzerland, 2012–2014
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Mathematics, University of Padua, Italy, 2010–2012
  • Visiting Researcher, Combinatorics and Optimization, University of Waterloo, Canada, 2010
  • Visiting Researcher, Discrete Optimization group, ZIB, Germany, 2006 


  • Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Columbia University, 2016- (Affiliated  with the Data Science Institute, 2019-)
  • SNSF Ambizione Fellow, DISOPT group, EPFL, Switzerland, 2015 – 2016


  • SIAM


  • Gift by the Swiss National Science Foundation, 2017
  • Swiss National Science Foundation Ambizione Grant, 2014


  •  Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award, The Fu Foundation School of Engineering, Columbia University, 2018
  • Lorenzo Brunetta award for a PhD thesis in Operations Research, 2012 


  • M. Conforti, M. Di Summa, and Y. Faenza. Balas formulation for the union of polytopes is optimal. Mathematical Programming A, to appear.
  • Y. Faenza, T. Kavitha, V. Powers, and Xingyu Zhang. Popular Matchings and Limits to Tractability. Proceedings of SODA 2019.
  • M. Conforti, A. Del Pia, M. Di Summa, and Y. Faenza: Reverse Split Rank. Mathematical Programming B, 2015.
  • Y. Faenza, S. Fiorini, R. Grappe, and H.R. Tiwary: Extended formulations, non-negative factorizations, and randomized communication protocols, Mathematical Programming B. 2015.
  • Y. Faenza, G. Oriolo, and G. Stauffer: Solving the weighted stable set problem in claw-free graphs via decomposition. Journal of the ACM, 2014.
  • Y. Faenza, G. Oriolo, and G. Stauffer: Separating stable sets in claw-free graphs via Padberg-Rao and compact linear programs. Proceedings of SODA 2012.
  • Y. Faenza, G. Oriolo, and G. Stauffer: An algorithmic decomposition of claw-free graphs leading to an O(n^3)-algorithm for the weighted stable set problem. Proceedings of SODA 2011. 
  • Y. Faenza and V. Kaibel: Extended Formulations for Packing and Partitioning Orbitopes. Mathematics of Operations Research, 2009.