Portrait of Elizabeth Strauss  

Elizabeth Strauss


530 Mudd
500 W. 120th S.
New York, NY 10027

Tel(212) 853-1679

Dr. Elizabeth Strauss serves as the chief of staff for the division of Engineering Student Affairs and is responsible for the direction of the strategic plan and operations of the unit. In that role, Dr. Strauss works closely with colleagues across Columbia Engineering to articulate and execute a suite of initiatives and programs that augment and support students' academic, professional, social, personal, and emotional growth. She develops and implements policies, strategies, and operating plans for various school-wide initiatives as well as marshaling appropriate resources for their implementation.

Dr. Strauss is a four time graduate of Columbia University. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at Columbia Engineering as well as her Master of Arts, Master of Education, and Doctor of Education at Teachers College. Her research focuses on how technical, professional, and personal student learning outcomes impact interest, persistence, and purpose in engineering education.