Lauren Marbella Named Cottrell Scholar

Assistant Professor Lauren Marbella of Chemical Engineering is part of the 2022 cohort of Cottrell Scholars recognized for innovation in research and education

Feb 14 2022 | By Allison Elliott
Lauren Marbella

Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering Lauren Marbella has been named a Cottrell Scholar by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement (RCSA) for her project, “Tracking (Elecro)Chemical Reduction at Electrode/Electrolyte Interfaces with Operando NMR.”

Marbella joined the Department of Chemical Engineering at Columbia Engineering in 2018 as a professor and member of the new Columbia Electrochemical Energy Center (CEEC). She specializes in the characterization and design of materials for energy storage and conversion. In lithium-ion batteries, Marbella’s research is focused on expanding the capacities of such batteries to be more powerful and stable, in particular holding charge for longer and charging faster. With a number of advantages over other rechargeable batteries, lithium-ion batteries promise to advance a cleaner energy future by way of long-lasting energy storage for applications such as electric vehicles and houses. Combining her expertise in engineering and physical chemistry, she uses operando nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to study how performance is enhanced in these devices and how they deteriorate in real time.

Honoring early career teacher-scholars based on the quality of their research and leadership skills, the Cottrell Scholar Award ushers recipients into a national, interdisciplinary community dedicated to scholarship and education. The Cottrell Scholar (CS) program fosters the exchange of ideas and practices in chemistry, physics, and astronomy and includes a strong community network of support, resources, and an annual conference. Cottrell Scholars receive an award of $100,000 and are eligible for additional support though Cottrell Plus awards throughout their career.

Marbella is the eighth faculty member from Columbia University to be named a Cottrell Scholar. She also won a 2018 team award as part of the RCSA’s Scialog: Advanced Energy Storage initiative.

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