Prof. Tal Malkin Elected Fellow of the IACR


Tal Malkin

Tal Malkin, associate professor of computer science, has been named a 2020 Fellow of the IACR (International Association for Cryptologic Research). She is one of five fellows honored for their technical and professional contributions to the field of cryptology, the science of the making and breaking of encryption algorithms that we now use every day, from banking and reading online to opening car doors and communicating with cell phones.

Malkin was cited for her foundational contributions, including black-box separations, multiparty computation, and tamper resilience, and for service to the IACR. She is highly regarded for her work on creating sound mathematical foundations for security and privacy applications, including public key encryption, private database search, and secure computation.

Malkin directs the Cryptography Lab and is particularly attuned to the need to save and store data without compromising privacy. As chair of the Data Science Institute Cybersecurity Center, she has worked with Columbia Law School on questions concerning cryptography and law enforcement.

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