Columbia Engineering Professor Leads New Crypto Research Center of A16z

While continuing to teach at Columbia Engineering, Tim Roughgarden will serve as head of research at a16z Crypto Research

Apr 22 2022
Tim Roughgarden

Columbia Engineering Computer Science Professor and algorithm expert Tim Roughgarden is starting a new adventure as head of research at a16z Crypto Research, a newly launched multidisciplinary research unit from famed venture capitalist firm Andreesons Horowitz.

A16z brings together collaborators from academia and industry to drive advances in crypto research and web3, internet services based on blockchain technology, and aims to build a more effective pipeline from the lab to the marketplace.

Roughgarden, who works at the boundary of computer science and economics, focuses on the design, analysis, applications, and limitations of algorithms and is a pioneer in the development of Algorithmic Game Theory, the study of algorithms in strategic environments. With more than 20 years of teaching and research experience at Columbia Engineering and Stanford, he has deep knowledge of web3.

Roughgarden will continue to run his research group at Columbia Engineering while working for A16z. As head of research for the unit, he will work closely with Dan Boneh from Stanford University and lead an illustrious team of experts culled from academia and industry. The main research objectives will be to focus on solving hard open problems and develop code to enable novel solutions, as well as ensure that such solutions can be adopted. The group also plans to share their findings with the broader web3 community to inspire more innovation.

Read more about Roughgarden and the new center.

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