Intern Abroad

Please note that specific dates of programs and deadlines will likely vary slightly each year; make sure to check respective websites for most updated dates.


Research Internships in Science and Engineering (RISE)

Location:  Various Institutions around Germany

Students are matched with a doctoral student whom they assist. German is not required. The Host Institution assists with housing and there is a 3 day meeting in Heidelberg to meet representatives from German companies.

Program Duration: Internships can be for periods of eight to twelve weeks and dates are flexible

Application Deadline: January 15


UROP International, RWTH Aachen University

Location: Aachen, Germany

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program at RWTH Aachen University fosters research partnerships between qualified undergraduates from top US and Canadian universities and research faculty at RWTH Aachen University.

Designed for students who wish to attain hands-on experience in fundamental research at one of the top science and technology universities worldwide. Students have the unique opportunity to conduct their own research project. Students are mentored and supervised by a member of the research staff of the host institute at RWTH Aachen University. 

Students also participate in German language training and workshops on intercultural and research-related issues. Leisure activities complete their international experience in Germany.

RWTH Aachen University offers a wide range of internship options in the fields of natural sciences, IT, engineering, sociology, medicine, psychology, economics, and more.

Program Duration: June 1—July 31

Application Deadline: January 31


Pasteur Institute

Location: Paris, France

The Pasteur Foundation Summer Internship Program provides U.S. undergraduate students, entering their senior year, with the rare opportunity to work on supervised research projects at the Institut Pasteur. Selected laboratories at the Institute participate each year. Please refer to the application form for the most updated list. Knowledge of French is not a requirement.

Program Duration: Ten weeks total. Each lab will specify availability dates, students may choose any 10-week period within these availabilities.

Application Deadline: January-February (please check the website)


Optics in the City of Light Research Experience for Undergraduates

Location: Paris, France

The Optics in the City of Light Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) offers undergraduate junior level students the opportunity to spend 2 months in a variety of laboratories in Paris performing research with a wide range of ultrafast lasers. Participants will experience strong collaborative science between University of Michigan (UM) Center for Ultrafast Optical Science (CUOS), Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole Nationale de Techniques Avancées (ENSTA), Université Paris-Sud 11 Orsay, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan,  and l’Institut d' Optique Graduate School. Faculty will each direct an REU student on a collaborative project. Students spend one week in Ann Arbor at CUOS for orientation, safety training, preparation for living in France, and immersion into the Ann Arbor laboratories of the REU faculty. Students also learn basic lab skills as well as basic reporting skills.

Program Duration: May 25-July31

Application Deadline: January 21


Center for the Environmental Implications of NanoTechnology REU

Location: Aix-en-Provence, France

The Center for the Environmental Implications of NanoTechnology (CEINT) hosts a center-wide Research Experience for Undergraduates Program (REU). The program provides research experiences across four CEINT partner institutions: Duke, Virginia Tech and Carnegie Mellon Universities as well as the European Center for Research and Education in Geosciences and the Environment (CEREGE) in Aix-en-Provence, France.

Students engage in their own original research projects with a focus on the environmental impacts of nanotechnology. This program is designed to guide undergraduate students toward independent interdisciplinary research in academic fields related to nano-science and engineering. These include biomedical engineering, materials science, biology, chemistry, ecotoxicology, geosciences, and civil & environmental engineering.

Program Duration: Ten weeks, including 1 week orientation (May 25—July 31)

Application Deadline: February 28th


The American-Scandinavian Foundation

The ASF shares internship and training positions. Please refer to the online directory for updated availabilities. Internships are generally unpaid. The Foundation aids in obtaining work permits (for a fee).


Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean

CCMI: Coral Reef Biodiversity and Resilience at the Little Cayman Research Centre

Location: Little Cayman, Cayman Islands

Students work with mentors to design, implement and present research projects within CCMI’s research themes of (1) Coral reef stress, climate change, and ocean acidification; (2) Coral reef resilience and restoration; (3) Invasive species (lionfish); and (4) Herbivory.

Program Duration: Eight weeks, June 20 – August 14

Application Deadline: March 15


Ocean Exploration Trust’s Science and Engineering Program

Location: Gulf of Mexico and eastern Pacific Ocean

The Nautilus Science and Engineering Internship Program aims to train and provide real-world experiences for students studying ocean science, engineering, and video/film. Internship positions entail 2-5 weeks working aboard Exploration Vessel Nautilus as data loggers, ROV (remotely operated vehicle) engineers, or video engineers. All interns spend time at sea working with a wide array of scientists, engineers, students, and educators. Internships available include: Ocean Science & Seafloor Mapping Internships, ROV Engineering Internships, and Video Engineering & Filmmaking Internships.

Program Duration: 2-4 week, or 4-5 week expeditions depending on internship

Application Deadline: January 16



NanoJapan: International Research Experience for Undergraduates

Location: Tokyo, Japan

The NanoJapan Program is a 12-week, summer research internship focusing on Terahertz (THz) Dynamics in Nanostructures. Open to freshman and sophomore engineering and physics students from universities nationwide. Supported by an NSF Partnerships for International Research & Education (NSF-PIRE) grant, the program seeks to cultivate interest in nanotechnology among young U.S. undergraduate students, especially those from underrepresented groups.*Program includes a pre-departure at Rice University.

Program Duration: Mid-May to early-August.

Application Deadline: January 23


The University of Tokyo Research Internship Program

Location: Tokyo, Japan

The University of Tokyo Research Internship Program (UTRIP) is a summer internship program for students majoring in natural science and other relevant fields. Provides students an opportunity to gain "real graduate-school life" or "research-centered life" experiences. Students  work with leading researchers of the Graduate School of Science (GSS) at UTokyo. Includes off-campus activities such as a field-trip to a historical site in Japan, and social and cultural events to promote a better understanding of Japanese culture, as well as lectures on cross-disciplinary scientific areas.

Program Duration: Six weeks overall. 11 June – 22 July or 1 July – 11 August

Application Deadline: Application period is from January 13 – March 3


The University of Tokyo Summer Internship Program in Kashiwa

Location: Kashiwa, Japan

UTSIP Kashiwa, organized by the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, provides hands-on research internship program in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Information Technology, International Studies, Materials Sciences, Sustainability Sciences, and others. Participants will develop a research proposal, and will gain first-hand experience in the academic research process. Students must be rising juniors or rising seniors.

Program Duration: There are two 7-week programs: June 8 to July 17; June 29 – August 7.

Application Deadline: February 10


Amgen Scholars Program

Location: Tokyo, Japan

The Amgen Scholars Japan Program provides selected undergraduate students with the opportunity to engage in a hands-on research experience at two premier Japanese universities: Kyoto University or The University of Tokyo. Scholars take part in research projects, gain hands-on lab experience and contribute to the advancement of science. Students also participate in engaging scientific seminars workshops and other networking events, including the signature component: The Amgen Scholars Japan Symposium. Students must be at least in their sophomore year.

Program Duration: Kyoto University: July 1 – August 28; The University of Tokyo: June 8 – July 31.

Application Deadline: February 2


OIST Research Internship program

Location: Okinawa, Japan

Short-term placements as Research Intern give talented students the opportunity to gain experience in a particular laboratory or to learn a specific technique.  They work under the direction of a Professor at OIST and contribute to the research activities of OIST. Information about research units and types of projects is available online and is updated throughout the year.

Program Duration: Between 10 to 12 weeks, dates are flexible and dependent on lab arrangements.

Application Deadline: November 15


Nanyang Technological University: Global Research Internship (GRI) Programme

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Global Research Internship (GRI) Programme 2018 is a 8-week programme. Candidates can fulfilled the internship ranging from 01 April 2018 to 31 January 2019 (subject to supervisor's availability). Letter of certification or attendance will not be issued upon the completion of the internship.


Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)

Location: Singapore, Singapore

The Singapore International Pre-Graduate Award (SIPGA) supports short-term research attachments for international students at A*STAR. It provides a unique opportunity for top overseas students to experience the vibrant scientific environment in A*STAR Research Institutes and Consortia. Students will be able to work with distinguished and world- renowned researchers in A*STAR labs. Interested students can browse through A*STAR research institutes and consortia for updated opportunities.

Program Duration: Research period must be a minimum of 2 months.

Application Deadline: For research beginning June 1st, apply by March 31.


Industrial Technology Research Institute

Location: Taiwan

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is a national research organization that serves to strengthen the technological competitiveness of Taiwan. Since our inception, ITRI has three mission statements: first, to expedite the development of new industrial technology; two, to aid in the process of upgrading industrial technology techniques; and three, to establish future industrial technology. Each summer ITRI hosts international students for 10-week internships in various technical/engineering positions.

Program Duration: At least 10 weeks between May and September, dates are flexible.

Application Deadline: Applications for most positions will close by the end of February.


Various Locations

National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network


  • The National Institute of Materials Science in Tsukuba, Japan
  • The Institut Fur Bio- Und Nanosysteme (IBN) at the  Forschungszentrum, Julich, in Germany
  • The Kavli Institute for Nanosciences at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands
  • The Centre Microelectronique de Provence, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de Saint Etienne in France
  • Interuniversity Microelectronics Center (IMEC), Leuven, Belgium

The NNIN REU Program is designed to give undergraduate students an introductory research experience in nanotechnology Spread across 14 NNIN facilities in the US. Each student will work on an independent research project within their area of interest, using the advanced resources of our laboratories. Because of the breadth of expertise across these sites, we are able to offer exciting nanotechnology research projects across the spectrum of nanotechnology fields: Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Biology, and Biomedical Engineering.

**Please note that the International REU is a follow-program where the top students to complete the NNIN REU each year are selected for a second year advanced research program at a major international laboratory. This is part of an effort to educate Globally Aware Scientists, a necessity in this multinational research environment. The students conduct an advanced research project in nanoscience for 10 weeks, similar to an REU project, but under the direction of a senior scientist at the international laboratory. The participants also are immersed in a foreign culture, in a foreign laboratory, with fellow scientists from around the world.  There is ample opportunity to travel on the weekends. Students who participate in this program not only conduct excellent research , they come away with a much broader understanding of the world of scientific research and with expanded confidence in their ability to work and interact in the expanded international environment.

Program Duration: Ten Weeks. Early June to mid-August

Application Deadline: February 11


American Chemical Society: International Research Experience for Undergraduates

Check website as funding currently pending.

Gravitational Physics International REU

Location: Australia, The Netherlands, Koreo, The United Kingdom, Italy, France, Japan, Germany – sites may vary by year

The focus of the UF's International REU program is in Gravitational Physics. Our program, made possible by the National Science Foundation, is designed to expose students to the rigors of gravitational physics research within a setting that truly reflects its international character. Participants work on research projects in some of the best gravitational physics labs in Europe and Australasia. During their stay, students also benefit from the valuable cultural enrichment that comes with living in a foreign environment. Each year we have a range of over fifty exciting projects lined up at host sites around the world. To know more, visit the Projects and International Hosts pages for further details about our program, and take time to explore the whole site. 

Program Duration: Nine to ten weeks, dates vary by projects.

Application Deadline: December 15


Columbia Experience Overseas (CEO)

Location: Amman, Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, Shanghai, or Singapore

The Columbia Experience Overseas (CEO) program offers Columbia students high quality internship experiences in a diverse array of industries globally through alumni and employer partnerships.

Program Duration: Eight weeks, mid-June to early August

Funding: Salary varies by employer, organization and location. For unpaid internships there are a number of funding resources available such as the Alumni & Parent Internship FundWork Exemption ProgramDepartmental Grants and Non-Columbia Affiliated Funding. Limited funding is available through CCE to students who qualify for need-based financial aid at Columbia. CCE works with Financial Aid to determine which students qualify, and allocates funding to help students cover the cost of flights and, for international programs, visas.

Application Deadline: February 8


Center for Career Education: Find a Job or Internship Abroad

There are many opportunities for an international experience outside your home country during or after your college career. To obtain an experience abroad (volunteer, research, fellowship, internship, or full-time), it is helpful to be open-minded to various aspects of the experience including: location, duration, payment, and types of positions. The Center for Career Education has compiled a selection of resources to help you navigate this process. 


IASTE United States

IAESTE offer to students a provision of paid, technical work experience abroad for skill enhancement; a safe experience through IAESTE support network and support with practical arrangements i.e. work permits/visa, accommodation and travel.

Funding: Internships are paid and the exact amount is determined by the cost of living in the country and the employer. You will have to pay for your own travel costs to your receiving country and for personal insurance for the duration of the traineeship. Most sending countries require you to pay a placement fee. This is determined by the individual national committees.

Application Deadline: Application is open from September to early January; internship opportunities are published to applicants to determine preferences in late January.


The GlobalEDGE International Internship Directory

The GlobalEDGE International Internship Directory is a reference guide by Michigan State University for students, faculty, staff, and administrators to help match students with international internship opportunities offered by two and four-year colleges and universities, governmental agencies, non-profit groups, private organizations and corporations.