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Transcending Disciplines, Educating Leaders, Transforming Lives

Columbia Engineering, the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, is committed to pushing the frontiers of knowledge and translating our discoveries to meet the needs of society. These aspirations have been fundamental since our early origins in 1864 as a school devoted to metallurgy and mining. Over the years, our faculty and students have made remarkable contributions to technological and social progress, and today, we carry on our tradition of innovation as engineering transforms nearly every aspect of life, from the purity of the water we drink, the quality and accessibility of our healthcare, and the sustainability of the natural and built environments, to our ability to connect with others anywhere in the world.

Attracting the greatest minds in engineering and applied science, of diverse backgrounds from across the country and around the world, has always been part of our DNA and a key to our success. Our faculty represents leading experts in their fields who are dedicated to teaching, to pushing research frontiers, and to increasing interdisciplinary collaborations across the School, the University, and with external partners. We offer students a unique educational opportunity providing a foundational education in engineering and applied science in the depth and breadth of a premier Ivy League university centered in New York City – a cultural and financial hub that is fast becoming a world-renowned center for high-tech research and development. We believe that engineering is in a renaissance, and that the time is now for engineering to step forward as a force for the future to create a sustainable, healthy, connected, secure, and creative humanity.

Our Degree Programs

Columbia Engineering offers undergraduate and graduate degrees across nine main departments, as well as opportunities to study with world-class sister schools and research institutes.


Our nine departments, among the nation's oldest and most influential, offer opportunities for interdisciplinary study and research.

Labs, Centers, & Institutes

Faculty and students are active in the diverse and expansive research programs offered through Columbia’s laboratories, centers, and institutes—these collaborative entities at the School and across the University foster highly interdisciplinary research that makes an impact. Our world-class research spaces include the Columbia Nano Initiative, the Soft Matter Lab, the Columbia Electrochemical Energy Lab, the Data Science Institute, the Center on Artificial Intelligence, the Precision Medicine Initiative, the Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute, and the Earth Institute. Please see the links to many of these programs below.