Shared Research Facilities
Columbia Engineering offers cutting-edge equipment and research capabilities available to the University community, including affiliates


SEAS Interdisciplinary Research Seed (SIRS) Funding
Collaborative research seed funding for current Columbia Engineering faculty

SEAS Research Equipment Assistance Program (REAP) Funding
Research equipment funding for current Columbia Engineering faculty

SEAS Translational Acceleration Research (STAR) Funding
Urban Tech Award Collaborative cancer center grant

SEAS-EVPR Center Stimulus Grant Competition
A new program to encourage the successful pursuit of substantial multi-year, multi-investigator, interdisciplinary center grants and provide SEAS-led research teams with early-stage, advance support in planning for competitive, large-scale proposals in the range of $10M or more

Administrative Support

Center Grant Proposal Development Support
The Center Grant Proposal Development team administratively supports large faculty teams in pursuing complex and high-priority research grant funding.

Clinical Trials Office
The mission of the Clinical Trials Office is to facilitate quality clinical trial research

Columbia Technology Ventures
Columbia Technology Ventures helps facilitate transfer of scientific discoveries and innovations from the University setting to the marketplace

Environmental Health & Safety
EH&S provide a broad range of services to promote and protect the health and safety of all university personnel, and the community and the environment in which we live and work

Executive Vice President For Research
The Office of the Executive Vice President for Research has overall responsibility for the University’s research enterprise

Human Subjects Research (Columbia Institutional Review Board)
All human subjects research must be approved by a Columbia Institutional Review Board to ensure compliance with applicable ethical and regulatory requirements

Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs works to enhance the educational and training experience of the University’s postdoctoral appointees

Research Compliance and Administration System (RASCAL)
RASCAL is the University’s on-line research compliance system

Research Compliance and Training
The Office of Research Compliance and Training helps ensure that Columbia faculty and staff are in compliance with the complex web of regulatory requirements that govern research

SEAS Research Grant Proposal Support
Submitting Grant Proposals through Columbia Engineering

Strategic Collaboration Support
Columbia Engineering partners with industry, government, and non-profit foundations to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships.

Sponsored Projects Administration
Research Administration is the University’s primary support office for sponsored research grants and contracts

Sponsored Projects Finance (SPF)
SPF includes the Research Policy & Indirect Costs group, responsible for the overall management and operation of post-award financial administration of sponsored programs at the University