Columbia Engineering is at the forefront of many strategic areas of research, from environmental sustainability and the human genome to infrastructure sensors, nanotechnology, and data sciences. Our professors and students collaborate with other leading experts not only within the Columbia research community but also at other world-renowned universities and institutions, bringing together the best minds from myriad disciplines to tackle and solve the most challenging problems in society, technology, the environment, infrastructure, and more.

The many interdisciplinary institutes, centers, and initiatives at Columbia Engineering equip our professors with the latest technology, tools, and equipment with the ideal environment to create and thrive. Discover our institutes and centers as well as university initiatives, showcasing some of the broad subject areas in which the School conducts cutting-edge research.

Multidisciplinary Research Institutes and Centers

National Research Centers

Columbia Engineering received grants from the NSF, DOE, ARFL, and others to advance knowledge, foster innovation, and address specific challenges in the following fields:


Columbia Engineering Research Centers

Columbia centers are longer-term, multi-partner collaborative projects that engage the university community across schools, departments, and disciplines as well as industry partners in the interest of Engineering for Humanity.


Current Initiatives

Columbia is engaged in several emerging, cross-disciplinary projects to drive forward the university's strategic goals in cutting-edge research areas.