Computer Science

Computer science is now integral to almost every field of study, from engineering and the natural and social sciences, to economics and business, and increasingly to the heavily text-based fields of literature and history. The trend is irreversible, driven by more powerful computers, larger data sets, the conversion of text and imagery into data, and better, more optimized algorithms.

Department Overview

The Department of Computer Science is dedicated to making computer science accessible to the wider student population. For majors, the department offers everything from introductory CS and programming classes to advanced instruction in 10 research areas with opportunities for undergrads to work on research projects. For nonmajors, the department is expanding its interdisciplinary offerings. As one example, Computing in Context combines lectures in basic computer science—taught by a computer science professor—with lectures and projects by humanities, social science, and other professors outside CS who show how those skills and methods apply to a specific liberal arts discipline.


Theory Software Systems
Graphics and User Interfaces Computer Engineering
NLP and Speech Networking
Security and Privacy Vision and Robotics
Computational Biology Machine Learning


Advanced Degrees for Broadening Understanding of CS

Columbia University and the New York City environment provide excellent career opportunities with multiple industries. For those wanting to deepen and expand their computer science skills, the MS program provides advanced education in several computer science tracks while offering opportunities to participate in state-of-the-art research. Those pursuing PhD studies will work alongside world-class researchers to innovate new techniques and algorithms as they tackle hard problems across science, technology, and society.


Faculty within the department include leading researchers who are dedicated to excellence in undergraduate and graduate education and research. As the number of students enrolling in computer science classes increases, the department is expanding the number of teaching-oriented faculty to ensure a solid grounding in computer science skills and methods for all students. See the department faculty page for a full faculty list.

Contact the Department

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Computer Engineering Program

The Computer Engineering program combines key aspects of electrical engineering and computer science. Whether pursuing a BS or Master of Science degree, students learn the fundamentals of circuits, systems, and software associated with the design of programmable systems used in general purpose computing, communications, control, and signal processing.