Class Correspondents

The individuals listed below are Columbia Engineering Class Correspondents.

First name Last name Email YEAR
Ted Borri [email protected] 1951
Peter Mauzey [email protected] 1952
Don Ross [email protected] 1953
Leo Cirino [email protected] 1955
Gordon Silverman [email protected] 1956
Doug Kendall [email protected] 1961
Marshal (Mickey) Greenblatt [email protected] 1962
Chuck Cole [email protected] 1963
Mark Herman [email protected] 1963
Tom Magnani [email protected] 1964
Jeff Franklin [email protected] 1968
Ron Mangione [email protected] 1969
Larry Chung [email protected] 1978
Peter Luccarelli [email protected] 1978
Stewart Levy [email protected] 1979
James Reda [email protected] 1981
Dan Libby [email protected] 1982
Caryn Frick [email protected] 1988
David Shofi [email protected] 1988
Shreosee Roy [email protected] 1989
Laura Cordani Christopher [email protected] 1990
Radhi Majmudar [email protected] 1991
Janneth Ignacio Marcelo [email protected] 1992
Herbert Kreyszig [email protected] 1993
Enrico Marini Fichera [email protected] 1996
Daisy Chow [email protected] 2000
Cathy Marcinkevage [email protected] 2001
John Morris [email protected] 2002
Amar Doshi [email protected] 2003
Eric Rhee [email protected] 2004
Devang Doshi [email protected] 2005
Nick Jennings [email protected] 2006
Tamsin Davies [email protected] 2007
Amy Lin [email protected] 2008
Heather Lee [email protected] 2010
Justin Merced [email protected] 2011
Rebecca Frauzem [email protected] 2012
Hannah Cui [email protected] 2012
Mary Byers [email protected] 2013
Victoria Nneji [email protected] 2014



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