2017: Celebrating Faculty Excellence

Jan 01 2020


Columbia engineering has a long tradition of excellence going back to the founding of King’s College in 1754 and renewed in the founding of the School in 1864. The faculty members whose accomplishments are highlighted in this booklet (pdf) are joining the continuum of faculty excellence that has been and continues to be a hallmark of the School.

From the first dean, Charles F. Chandler, to Michael I. Pupin and Edwin H. Armstrong, to MPeg-2 patent-holder Dimitris Anastassiou and smart phone display screen guru James Im, our faculty has had a direct impact on how we live our lives today and how we will live them tomorrow.

Please join us in congratulating the newest members to the prestigious circle of outstanding faculty members who have made our School their academic home. We celebrate them as we also recognize the successes of other faculty in past years and anticipate honoring even more faculty in the future.

Dean Feniosky Peña-Mora

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