Program in Materials Science and Engineering in the Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics

Exploring silicon’s properties to develop advanced information technology. Creating new nanomaterials for batteries. Examining novel materials and chemistry for advanced energy storage. Pioneering first-principles approaches to designing new materials. The work of the Program in Materials Science and Engineering is focused on understanding and developing new and better materials for the use in innovative engineering applications. Join us in advancing the foundational science that is integral to every product and process in modern society.

Program Overview

The Master in Science in Materials Science and Engineering offered by the Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics at Columbia University focuses on understanding, designing, and producing technology-enabling materials by analyzing the relationships among the synthesis and processing of materials, their properties, and their detailed structure. We educate students in the systematic approach to solving challenges in relating properties to structure.

The Materials Science and Engineering program also offers the professional degree, Metallurgical Engineer, which is designed for engineers who wish to do advanced work beyond the level of the M.S. degree but who do not desire to emphasize research. Link to more information.


Our faculty are recognized for their pioneering work that has revealed details of structure, ranging from the atomic to the macroscopic scale—details essential to understanding   electronic, magnetic, mechanical, optical and thermal properties of matter:

  • Nanoscale films and heterostructures for electronic and magnetic applications
  • Nanostructured materials for energy and environmental remediation
  • Development of materials simulation methods for materials discovery and to investigate materials properties at high pressure and temperature

For a full list of recent research, please visit the department research page.


Our faculty members are a lively and collaborative group of active scholars and talented educators who are heavily involved in research and dedicated to bringing their knowledge and experience into the classroom. For a full list of faculty members, please visit the department faculty page.


Graduates from our department’s programs have become leaders in industry, research, academia, and business, including:

  • Director of special projects at Autosplice
  • CEO of Eurolife ERB Insurance Group
  • Founder of Vizonomy in Washington, D.C.

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