Educating Leaders

Founded in 2015, the Columbia Space Initiative is a collaborative, student-led organization that oversees semi-autonomous mission teams exploring everything from rocket science to lunar robotics. CSI students compete in NASA-sponsored competitions, host space-related public events, and hold workshops for K-12 students around New York City.

Experimenting in space

CSI named one of five teams nationwide selected by NASA to send their science experiment to the International Space Station.
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To infinity and beyond

CSI students recently launched a biomedical experiment into outer space to explore how microgravity environments impact cell biology—insights crucial for the future of humans living and working in space.
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Shooting for the stars

For CSI co-founder Julia Di ‘18, the group’s work isn’t just about launching feats of engineering into the heavens—it’s a way for engineering to help us explore life’s biggest questions.
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