Gabriel Trigo

Gabriel Trigo is a Brazilian student from a small town named Jundiaí, located in the outskirts of São Paulo.

Throughout high school, Gabriel was really interested in the sciences, particularly physics.

He integrated the Brazilian Physics team for a couple years, and was one of the five students represented Brazil at the International and European Physics Olympiads (Israel 2019 and Russia 2018 respectively). He was awarded bronze medals at both competitions.

Gabriel also loves to teach, and has been doing so in a few places for 3 or 4 years now. In 2018 and 2019, he taught a math course at a Brazilian public middle school, focused on preparing low income students for the admission exams of Brazilian technical high schools (our best public schools). Being able to attend a school like this can be an incredible social mobility booster for low income students.

At his former high school, he teaches a competitive physics problem solving class, focused on the Brazilian and International physics competitions. Moreover, at his former middle school, he brings some experiments to show to the younger students, with the intent of getting them interested in the subject.

Gabriel took a gap year in 2020, during which he interned for a Brazilian technology company called "Voxus Media", where he worked with CRM development and database management. He was also selected for the "Líderes Estudar" scholarship, a scholarship awarded by "Fundação Estudar" to some Brazilian students every year.

Gabriel hasn't decided on a specific major yet, but he will definitely be studying some sort of engineering, or applied science. Gabriel's dream is to eventually work on the development of cutting edge technologies that have the capability of having a widespread impact on our society, such as quantum computing, nuclear fusion, or artificial intelligence.

Gabriel hopes to eventually return to Brazil, and work on fostering technological development in his home country, however, it isn't exactly clear to him yet how exactly to trace this path.