Kevin Zeng

Kevin Zeng graduated in 2015 from Mission San Jose High School in Fremont, California. He is a passionate engineer who places emphasis on the societal impact of his work.

In high school, he served as president of the computer science club and president of the model rocketry club. He also created a volunteer organization to foster the interests of students in disadvantaged schools in STEM fields through several year-round outreach programs. He has received several honors from the USA Physics, Mathematics, and Computing Olympiads, as well as other tech competitions such as CTF contests, TARC, and TSA-TEAMS. He is also an avid hackathon hacker, having competed in and won several hackathons, and continues to learn, apply, and build new technologies.

Kevin was a Siemens Competition Regional Finalist for his computational research on the mechanical properties of graphene, a nano-scale material that can pave the way for significantly faster computer processors and make theoretical structures such as space elevators possible. He created data workflow models for field scientists while conducting research for the NSF-funded EC3 project and presented his work to 31 international geologists. He was a software engineering intern at a data visualization startup specializing in cloud-based GPU rendering and developed tools that improved the software testing and debugging infrastructure. Most recently, he worked at Facebook as a software engineer intern, improving computational methods for processing big graphs and feature extraction for machine learning models used for friend recommendations. At Columbia, he pursues a major in Computer Science. He is also a member of the Lion Credit Union Initiative, an organization focused on creating a student-run credit union that provides banking and financial services that best serves the Columbia community. Oftentimes, one would find him coding his latest app idea, browsing Reddit, sipping milk tea, or running a Rubik’s cube competition (or all at once!) In his spare time, he loves to explore national parks, cook Asian fusion cuisine, meet new people, and spend time with family and friends.