Columbia Relaunches Computing Honor Society Upsilon Pi Epsilon with New Student Inductees

Inaugural class includes 54 computing students from Columbia and Barnard

Mar 20 2024 | By Bernadette Young
Three rows of people smiling for a photo. In the background, a large screen reads "Columbia University Chapter of Upsilon Pi Epsilon Fall 2023 Initiation Ceremony"

The Columbia University Chapter of Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) proudly announced the successful completion of its inaugural initiation ceremony, celebrating the induction of students into the international honor society for computing and information disciplines. As part of the initiation, 54 students were inducted into the UPE community, showcasing their dedication to academic excellence and commitment to advancing the field of computing.

Upsilon Pi Epsilon is globally recognized by the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) and the IEEE Computer Society, signifying excellence in the field of computer science and information technology. Membership in UPE is a lifetime honor, and the society is dedicated to fostering academic and professional development among its members through networking opportunities, mentorship programs, panels, and meetings.

“I’m delighted that we could restart our chapter of UPE here on campus, which had been dormant since 1978,” said Computer Science Lecturer Brian Borowski, who spearheaded the effort at Columbia Engineering, ensuring the success of the initiation ceremony and emphasizing the importance of academic excellence in the computing field. “It’s a great way to recognize the academic achievements of our students and form a community for those who are extremely passionate about computing and information disciplines.”

Rebecca Wright, Druckenmiller Professor of Computer Science, was instrumental in coordinating the Barnard College side of the initiation and distributed the certificates and pins to all the new members. “It’s exciting to see the UPE honor society restarting at Columbia and to have so many of our Barnard students inducted this year,” said Wright. “We look forward to our students serving as role models for future generations of women in computing.”

Joining UPE provides a platform for top-performing students to connect with peers and professionals in the computing and information disciplines. The chapter also endeavors to form a Columbia UPE alumni network that nurtures these long-lasting connections between the members even after graduation.

“We are in the exciting process of setting up an executive board and then planning our first series of events, including a tutoring program, technical workshops, networking events, and guest lectures, which will be tailored to the interests and needs of our members and further community,” said Danielle Yahalom, UPE chapter president and a computer science student at Barnard College. She and other students will take on leadership roles within the chapter, such as organizing events and running chapter meetings. These experiences are invaluable in developing leadership and organizational skills.

In terms of mentorship and development programs, UPE members will act as mentors, and students can sign up for sessions on resume writing, mock interviews, and general career advice. They plan to hold review sessions for existing courses, similar to smaller, more personal office hours.

"UPE not only connects me with computer scientists at Columbia and around the world who are eager to use their computational training to give back to the world, but it also emphasizes that luck is about exposing oneself to the chance to be lucky,” said Whitney Deng, a Barnard College computer science student. “UPE enables its members to access and assemble a critical mass of changemakers."

Names of inducted Members

Michelle Ahn
Anuva Banwasi
Ivy Basseches
Sydney Brown
Alice Chen
Ho Ying Cheng
Sanmati Choudhary
Andrei Coman
Whitney Deng
Ellen Guo
Nicholas Hersh
Nirvaan Iyer
Xian Jiang
Jiwoo Kim
Nigel Boachie Kumankumah
Madeleine Lerner
Eleanor Lin
Nicole Lin
Kuan Yu Lin
Allison Liu
Akshara Mahalingam
Hugo Matousek
Sahil Mehendrakar
Ken Miura
Elifia Muthia
Theodore Nelson
Lauren Osborne

Bole Pan
Preethi Prakash
Xintong Qi
Jeannie Ren
Ekaterina Sergeeva
Krish Singal
Isabel Snyder
Xiaohan Song
Brandon Stranzl
Pranay Talla
Judah Wahba
Kevin Wang
Xuezhen Wang
Yucheng Wang
Xinyu Wei
Shelby Wengreen
Steven Winnick
Jiakai Xu
Ryan Xu
Danielle Yahalom
Ellie Yan
Lindsey Yang
Dorothy Zhang
Ethan Zhang
Xinchen Zhang
Joshua Zhou
Feiyang Zhu

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