PhD Student Jarett Poliner Awarded NDSEG Fellowship

Apr 23 2020 | Photo courtesy of Jarett Poliner

Civil Engineering MS/PhD student Jarett Poliner has been awarded the Department of Defense (DOD) NDSEG Fellowship. Poliner graduated a year ago with a BS in engineering mechanics from the civil engineering and engineering mechanics department. He also minored in civil engineering, applied math, and East Asian studies. “It’s pretty amazing,” he says. “I am currently an alumnus, a current student, and an incoming student all at the same time right now!” 

The fellowship, which was established by Congress in 1989, supports students who have demonstrated ability and special aptitude for advancing science and engineering disciplines of military importance. Since 1989, more than 60,000 applicants have submitted their application and over 4000 fellowships have been awarded. The fellowship includes a monthly stipend, full tuition cost, a travel grant for the awardee for three years as well as the opportunity for an internship at a DOD laboratory. Jarett will work with his PhD advisor Steve Sun to study the physics of energetic materials using machine learning and computer simulations.

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